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Keeping Fido Safe This Halloween: Tips to Keep Pets Safe This October

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Halloween is right around the corner, and if you're a pet owner, you know that there may be special challenges with keeping your pet happy, healthy, and free from the  thrills and chills that come along with a neighborhood overrun by trick or treaters, and masses of masked strangers at your door. While these things are all harmless in the eyes of humans on Halloween, these frightening changes in routine can prove to be a bit scary for cats, dogs, and other four-legged friends. We've put together some tips and tricks for keeping everyone happy, healthy, and safe this Halloween, pets included!

  • Keep Your Pet Away from the Front Door. Even if you have the friendliest of pooches, they may be scared or startled by all of the unusual activity, masked trick or treaters, and other random disruptions (noisy groups, lots of door bell ringing, etc), might prove to be too spooky for your pup. It's best to keep your dog, and other pets, safely away from the front door when the trick or treaters are coming 'round.

  • Do Not Use Real Candles to Light Up Your Pumpkins. While real candles can be pretty, having them in illuminated pumpkins on the ground, or face-level with dogs and other pets can be a danger. Both dogs and cats are inquisitive creatures, and combining their inquisitive nature with open flame is a recipe for danger.

  • Keep All Halloween Candy Out of Your Pet's Reach. While most Americans know that chocolate can pose serious health risks for dogs, and all candy should be kept out of reach of pets, as it's not healthy for your pets to consume, and it can potentially be dangerous.

  • Do Not Leave Your Pet Outdoors During the Holiday. It is not safe to leave your pet outdoors on Halloween - it could injure itself out of fear, or it could fall victim to a prank gone awry. Pet owners are urged to keep all pets inside on Halloween (or keep them leashed when taking them outside), and to take extra precautions if you've got a black cat or dog, which are often targets of Halloween pranks.

  • Make Sure Your Pet Has Proper Identification on at All Times. In case your pet DOES get out of the house on Halloween, you'll want to make sure that they've got their identification tag on at all times, even if he or she is sporting a costume this Halloween.
  • Only Put Your Pet in a Costume if He or She Really Enjoys It. We all know pets in costumes are adorable - that is undisputed. That said, not every pet loves wearing a Halloween costume. If your pet isn't feeling it, then don't make him or her wear it. Being forced to wear a costume that they're not comfortable in can cause your pet great stress an already stressful day. Only put your pet in a costume if they're comfortable, and happy with it.

  • Keep Your Vet's Number Handy, and Know Where Your Closest Emergency Vet Is. While no one wants to think that something bad will happen to their pet, there's a lot going on on Halloween that can be potentially dangerous to pets - candle-lit jack o' lanterns, Halloween candies that can be toxic to pets (including raisins, chocolate, and more - click here for the ASPCA's full list of foods unsafe for dogs), and countless strangers coming to visit the house throughout the night. While we hope that everyone has a happy and safe Halloween, it's very important to have an emergency plan, in case things go awry, and if you're a pet owner, that means having your vet's info readily available on Halloween.

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